The Syllabus of All Classes as Follows


The curriculum of the Pre-Primary has been designed in a way that the teacher-student interaction is more students are active participants, they learn by exploring, experimenting and experiencing.


The students of classes I-II are taught English, Hindi, Mathematics and E.V.S.(Environmental Studies) and the students of classes III-V are taught Social Science in place of E.V.S. Computer Literacy Programmers’ has been adapted for all the Primary classes.


The students of classes VI-IX learn at least one extra language in addition to Hindi and English, viz., Sanskrit .

The following are the subjects of study in this School for Classes VI to X:

1,Three Languages (Hindi, English and Sanskrit)

2. Mathematics

3. (a) Physics b) Chemistry c) Life Science

4. (a) History b) Geography c) Civics d) Economics

5. Work Experience (Fine Arts, Electronics, Music, Project work, Computer Science, Home Science)

6. Health and Physical Education.

It is expected that all students would have studied three languages up to class VI. This is according to the three language formula of the Govt. of India. However, those students who cannot clear the third language in Class VIII and are promoted to class IX shall be examined by the School at the end of class IX in the same syllabus and text books as are prescribed for class VIII. A student must qualify in the third language before becoming eligible for appearing at the Secondary School Examination of the Board at the end of class X.


The Subjects of study offered for classes XI and XII are :

1. English 2. Physics 3.Biology

4. Chemistry 5.Mathematics 6.Business Studies

7. Accounts 8. Economics 9. Political Science

10. Computer Science 11. Physical Education 12. History

13. Multimedia and Web Technology 14. Home Science

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